Kitchen Islands & Carts – A Wonderful Solution To Many Kitchen Problems

With kitchen islands you can create…

  • an extra storage area in your kitchen.
  • a place for work, where you can prepare your favorite food.
  • a place where you can clean your dishes and utensils.
  • a place where you can eat with your family.

Types of kitchen islands

There are two types of kitchen island…

  • portable kitchen islands.
  • custom kitchen islands.

Before choosing your type of kitchen island, consider carefully how you will use it. The kitchen island you will use as a storage area will be different from one you will use for washing, cooking and/or eating on.

  1. Will you prepare food on it?
  2. Will you eat with your family on it?
  3. Will you wash the dishes on it or just store them on it?

The answers to these questions, in combination with the size of your kitchen and the sum you can afford, will enable you to decide upon what type of kitchen island is best for you.

Portable kitchen islands review

Portable kitchen island with countertop for work, drawers for utensils, shelves and towel racks

Portable kitchen islands are available as a ready-to-use variant, looking like a cabinet or a table with rectangular or square shape. They can offer you…

  • a countertop for work.
  • cabinets for pots and pans.
  • shelves for recipe books.
  • drawers for utensils.
  • shelves, towel and cutlery racks, wine racks…

The countertop of portable kitchen islands is most often made of one material only, but it can consist of a combination of materials as well, according to your work needs; for example, wood plus stainless steel is a possibility. It can be also come with a drop leaf, to save space when you are not using it.

Some portable kitchen islands have wheels, and can thus be moved easily from place to place (for example, near the range or the sink, according to your specific needs). Others have legs or feet, making them seem more like furniture.

When using this kind of kitchen island, you can’t build in appliances. You can use them mainly for storing utensils or preparing food. In general, portable kitchen islands are a good solution if you have a small kitchen. Click here for the best deals on kitchen islands and carts.



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