Bamboo Flooring | Pricing | Buying Tips | Installing | Maintaining

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Bamboo flooring is a great alternative to hardwood flooring. Bamboo grows faster than the other trees used for wooden flooring and it is also renewable. Thus, with bamboo floor, you are not only getting value for money but also a very functional and yet exotic kitchen floor.

How To Find Kitchen Remodeling Contractors You Can Rely On

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Hiring qualified kitchen remodeling contractors takes more than looking for ads in your local newspapers or yellow pages. These ads tell you nothing about the contractors work experience and history. This guide helps you find kitchen remodelers you can rely on.

Cork Flooring | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

Cork flooring is one of the most beautiful and comfortable floor options available. Cork floor is a good choice for the busy homeowner because of its low maintenance requirements. It is also one of the only truly sustainable, renewable flooring choices on the market today.