Oak Kitchen Cabinets Review

Oak is one of the most solid and beautiful of all of the wood cabinet choices, as well as one of the most long-lasting. This is extremely important when it comes to the kitchen, as the cabinets in the kitchen are subjected to extreme conditions such as water and steam, and of course continuous use. If sealed properly, oak kitchen cabinets will withstand all possible conditions, and yet maintain their integrity. Continue reading “Oak Kitchen Cabinets Review”

Maple Kitchen Cabinets Review

Of all of the woods to choose from, maple remains a very popular choice for kitchen cabinets. Solid and durable, maple is the hardwood that many people turn to not only for its good looks but also for its high resistance to wear and tear. Think of all of the abuse that your kitchen cabinets must endure: hot and steamy conditions, grease, water and constant opening and closing; maple can take everything that you dish out to it. Continue reading “Maple Kitchen Cabinets Review”

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets Review

If there is anything more luxurious to use in your kitchen than cherry kitchen cabinets, you probably could not afford it anyway. It is one of the richest looking of all of the wood choices and is durable despite its semi-soft nature. With proper care and maintenance, your cherry kitchen cabinets will last a long time and will continue to be gorgeous despite the abuse they are going to endure during their lifetime. Continue reading “Cherry Kitchen Cabinets Review”