Custom Kitchen Cabinets Review

Custom kitchen cabinets are cabinets that are created keeping in mind the design, space and specifications of your kitchen. With custom cabinets you are assured of maximum space utility as well as maximum effectiveness.

RTA Kitchen Cabinets Review

RTA kitchen cabinets save you a good deal of money as you do the assembly and hanging. With ready to assemble cabinets, the pain of paying for shipping is considerably less because the pieces fit in smaller boxes, which also don’t get banged around as much in transit.

Terrazzo Flooring | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

Terrazzo flooring. Photo courtesy of

Terrazzo flooring is beautiful, very strong and easily resists damage. It resists fire and nearly always is non-slip. Terrazzo floor is also easy to maintain and is a great choice for a kitchen where wear and tear is common.

Porcelain Flooring | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

Porcelain flooring. Photo courtesy of

Porcelain flooring can be lovely in many rooms, but it is in the kitchen that it is really put to the test. Its density keeps liquid on the surface so it won’t stain, and it resists scratches. Porcelain floor is cost-effective, easy to clean and it’s hygienic.