How To Connect And Disconnect Electrical Kitchen Appliances

So, you now you have a new home and are deep into work remodeling your kitchen. You have the dishwasher, the cook-top and a new oven to install. The first thing to do is to disconnect your old stove and oven. Only then can you proceed with connecting the new items and the remodeling. Here is how you can deal with major kitchen electric issues. Continue reading “How To Connect And Disconnect Electrical Kitchen Appliances”

Functional And Affordable Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Do you ever wonder why hotels and fine dining restaurants seem more extravagant, soothing, and more comfortable than a fast-food joint? Well, apart from the food and the way furniture are set up, the big difference can be attributed to lighting elements. Try coming to a restaurant hours before opening; with all the white lights on, and you will be surprised to see that it is probably not as special and as swanky-looking as you may have thought. Continue reading “Functional And Affordable Kitchen Lighting Ideas”