The Most Incredible Ways To Make Coffee

A glass of coffee

There are many ways to prepare coffee. You can brew a shot of espresso or brew coffee beans in a French press.

But what if you want to do something unusual?

Check out this list of the most incredible ways to make coffee. These drinks will surprise any coffee lover.

Let’s get started!

Egg coffee from Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the leading coffee producers in the world.

For example, they are making one of the best low acid coffees in the world.

In any corner of Vietnam, you can meet local people drinking coffee. As a rule, the best coffee is left for domestic consumption, which is deeply roasted in palm oil. The coffee beans become very oily, and because they’re Robusta, the coffee becomes very bitter and invigorating.

Egg coffee is the most popular coffee drink in Vietnam. It is served in a cup dipped in a bowl of hot water to keep the coffee warm.

Brewing method

You will need:

  • 1-2 chicken egg yolks
  • A lot of sugar
  • Powerful mixer
  • Coffee (prepared by any brewing method)


  1. Heat the egg yolks and beat with lots of sugar until a thick foam forms.
  2. Pour the coffee and egg foam into a glass in a 1:1 ratio (or use more foam if the coffee is very strong).
  3. Before serving, be sure to warm up the cup and put it in a bowl with hot water so the egg foam does not settle and cool.

Kaffeost from Finland

All over the world, it is customary to drink coffee with milk or cream, but not in Finland.

There, leipäjuusto cheese (bread cheese), made from goat or reindeer milk, is added to coffee.

You will need:

  • Leipäjuusto cheese
  • Freshly brewed coffee (espresso or others)
  • Cup, knife, spoon


  1. Bake leipäjuusto until brown and slightly dried (or buy the cheese).
  2. Cut the cheese into cubes about the size of sugar cubes.
  3. Place the cheese in the bottom of the cup, about one tablespoon of cheese per serving of coffee.
  4. Fill the cup with freshly brewed coffee.

The cheese will slowly dissolve at the bottom of the cup, giving the coffee a very soft and creamy taste.

After you finish your coffee, you’ll need to eat the rest of the cheese with a spoon. It should have absorbed some of the coffee and acquired an interesting taste.

This drink is great because it’s coffee and breakfast all in one!

Café de olla from Mexico

Café de olla is a traditional Mexican coffee drink brewed in an earthenware pot over an open fire.

Typically, a dark French roast is used.

You will need:

  • Water – 1 liter
  • Brown sugar – 150g
  • Treacle – 1 teaspoon
  • Cinnamon – 1 stick
  • Dark French roasted coffee – 50g


  1. Combine all ingredients except coffee in a deep earthenware pot and bring to a boil.
  2. Stir constantly to dissolve the sugar and molasses.
  3. Once the mixture has boiled and the sugar and molasses have dissolved, add coffee, remove from heat, and cover. Leave to simmer for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Filter and enjoy!

It is very important to consume this drink immediately after filtering it so that the coffee does not have time to cool down.

Espresso romano from Italy

Espresso romano is an espresso with lemon juice and lemon zest. No one is sure how it got its name.

When making this drink, we recommend that you use freshly ground beans and soft bottled water with a mineralization of 75-250mg/L.

You will need:

  • Espresso – 25-30ml
  • Lemon


  1. Wash the lemon.
  2. Cut slices (3-5mm thick) from the lemon.
  3. Preheat your espresso cup.
  4. Brew a shot of espresso.
  5. Squeeze juice from a lemon slice into the espresso and serve immediately.

Pharisäer from Germany

This drink was invented 200 years ago in the north of Germany. Some people say it was created because it was a good way to warm up in a cold climate. Others say it was invented so a local pastor wouldn’t know his congregants were drinking rum.

You will need:

  • Freshly brewed coffee (3-4 teaspoons of coffee in 120ml of water)
  • Sugar – 1 teaspoon
  • Dark rum – 50ml
  • Whipped cream

Step by step process:

  1. Brew the coffee as strong as possible.
  2. Put sugar in a cup and pour in freshly brewed coffee.
  3. Stir to dissolve sugar.
  4. Add rum and stir again.
  5. Top with whipped cream (hand-whipped cream is best).

You can also replace the rum with any other alcohol—whiskey, liqueur, cognac, brandy, etc.

John Beans-I’s the resident Editor-in-Chief of MyFriendsCoffee. Before, I never thought about different types of coffee, about different tastes, or about how coffee can affect the body. I just drank coffee from a vending machine in the office or ordered it at coffee shops. But something changed after my friends gave me a coffee machine.

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