Add a Mosaic Backsplash to Your Kitchen for a Touch of Artistry

A mosaic backsplash may be just what you need if you are looking for an artistic and beautiful piece to make your kitchen really stand out among the rest. Mosaic tile backsplashes will surely liven up any drab or dull kitchen area and add a unique flair in a creative way.

A Stainless Steel Backsplash Adds a Contemporary Feel to Any Kitchen

A stainless steel backsplash can add the touch of modern industrial flare to any kitchen. Stainless steel is a very practical material for a backsplash in a kitchen, as well as a stylish one. It is durable, heat resistant, waterproof, and cleans up in a snap.

Look Into a Glass Backsplash for Beauty and Elegance

A glass backsplash is a good option if you are seeking an interesting and non-traditional material with which to create your kitchen backsplash. Glass is easy to maintain and also versatile; it can be personalized by changing the shape, color, or texture. It can even be embedded with art.

A Ceramic Tile Backsplash Can Add Style and Flair to Any Kitchen

A ceramic tile backsplash can keep the walls behind your range, sink, and counters from being stained with food and water. A ceramic backsplash can also add style and flair to your kitchen.

Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas – Cost, Design, Installation & Care

A tile backsplash can add variety and style to just about any kitchen, but the design is also made for functionality as well. If you are looking into protecting and spicing up your kitchen in an easy way, a tile backsplash may be your best bet!

Wood Flooring | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

Wood flooring will add class and value to your home. Hardwood floors are highly sought-after by homeowners and prospective home buyers; therefore, wood flooring is an investment. Wood floor is a great option and if taken care of, will last the entire life of your home.

Slate Countertops | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

Slate countertops are an excellent choice for anyone’s kitchen. Slate counters are durable, stain resistant and will add value to your home. Slate has less maintenance than granite or marble; however it is just as durable and has just as much strength as its counterparts.

Concrete Flooring | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

Concrete flooring is one of the more popular options these days for kitchen flooring. Whatever the look of your kitchen, decorative concrete floor would enhance the appeal. In addition, the return on investment of this floor is high.

Linoleum Flooring | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

If you want flooring that’s warm and easy to walk on, then you must consider linoleum flooring. The wide array of colors and designs and the fact that it’s natural make linoleum floor very popular. The floor is also highly durable and cost effective.

Rubber Flooring | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

Rubber flooring is durable flooring. It is ideal for high traffic areas like kitchens as it is strong and withstands much wear and tear. And if you are eco-conscious and are looking for flooring that’s green, then recycled rubber flooring is a good option for you.

Bamboo Flooring | Pricing | Buying Tips | Installing | Maintaining

Bamboo flooring is a great alternative to hardwood flooring. Bamboo grows faster than the other trees used for wooden flooring and it is also renewable. Thus, with bamboo floor, you are not only getting value for money but also a very functional and yet exotic kitchen floor.

How To Find Kitchen Remodeling Contractors You Can Rely On

Hiring qualified kitchen remodeling contractors takes more than looking for ads in your local newspapers or yellow pages. These ads tell you nothing about the contractors work experience and history. This guide helps you find kitchen remodelers you can rely on.

Cork Flooring | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

Cork flooring is one of the most beautiful and comfortable floor options available. Cork floor is a good choice for the busy homeowner because of its low maintenance requirements. It is also one of the only truly sustainable, renewable flooring choices on the market today.

Vinyl Flooring | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

Vinyl flooring offers numerous advantages over traditional choices. Vinyl floor is highly functional and looks as good as that of wood, ceramic, or stone. Not only is it less expensive but the comfort factor is also high. Vinyl flooring cost, installation and maintenance.

Tile Flooring | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

Tile flooring is made from a wide range of materials including travertine, granite, marble, soapstone, slate, ceramic and porcelain. All these materials offer the ability to stand up to heavy use and moisture and are ideal for heavy traffic areas like kitchens.

Why Laminate Flooring For The Kitchen Makes So Much Sense

Laminate flooring is becoming increasingly popular for 3 main reasons – it’s economical, the ease of installation and its durability. While all three are important, it is the last that becomes especially important, in a high-use, work area like the kitchen.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Stainless Steel Countertops

Stainless steel countertops are modern and can take a lot of heavy duty pounding. These units have a long-life as they are water-proof and also heat-proof. What also works in favor of stainless steel counters is that they don’t fade, rust, or chip.

Wood Countertops | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

Wood countertops are growing in popularity because wood offers a feeling of warmth and coziness to the atmosphere in the room. There are wood countertops made to be a true work surfaces like butcher blocks and those that are meant for lighter duty.

Solid Surface Countertops | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

Solid surface countertops, like DuPont’s Corian brand, are the ideal choice for those who want to personalize the color and shape of their countertops. With a solid surface it is possible to have the countertop, sink and backsplash in one piece, so the unit looks attractive and also easy to clean.

Kitchen Knife Sets – How to Select the Best One for Your Needs

Kitchen knife sets buying tips. Different sets contain different types of kitchen knives, to cater to various needs and different culinary skills. Learn what kind of cutlery sets there are, and which of them would be the best for you.

How To Select The Kitchen Bakeware That Suits You Best

Kitchen bakeware buying tips. Learn how to select the bakeware that suits you best. Get smart about baking tools, bake pans, bakeware sets and cookie sheets before you buy. Advantages and disadvantages of silicone, glass, ceramic, stainless steel and other bakeware materials.

Glass Countertops Review | Recycled Glass Countertop Ideas

Glass is not often thought of as a material for countertops, yet glass is an ideal material for modern kitchen countertops. Also, in keeping with the eco-friendly trend, recycled glass countertops are becoming very popular these days.

Soapstone Countertops | Pricing | Buying Tips | Installing | Maintaining

Soapstone looks naturally beautiful and therefore it is a preferred material for countertops. Soapstone, as the name suggests, feels smooth and waxy to touch, just like touching dry soap. Nevertheless, it is very durable and ideal for countertops.

Marble Countertops | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

Marble countertops make your kitchen look beautiful and luxurious. Marble will add world-class value to your kitchen and give your home a great re-sale value. Being a natural stone, marble is durable. Although it is highly priced, it can serve you for a lifetime if properly maintained.

Kitchen Faucets Review

Kitchen faucets buying tips. What kind of kitchen faucet will work best for you depends on your specific needs. You may wish to have different faucets for various uses, or you may want to add particular accessories to your faucet. Learn what kind of faucet offers the best quality.