Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

The kitchen backsplash is placed on the kitchen wall between the countertops and the wall cabinets. It protects the walls and especially the zones behind the range, the sink, and the places where you prepare the food, from staining. Your backsplash will stain, but the materials appropriate for it are usually easy to clean and maintain and are a far better option than just a bare painted wall or wallpaper.

Kitchen Countertops

How to Choose Kitchen Countertops

When choosing kitchen countertops, consider carefully what you need and what you can afford. It’s a good idea to choose the most functional material possible for your countertop.

Kitchen Mixers

KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer Review

KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Quart stand mixer with a working bowl and a pouring shield


The Professional 600 Series stand mixer from KitchenAid is a kitchen machine that is more than a match for all your rugged kitchen mixing tasks. This all-metal stand mixer is equipped with a 575 watts motor, making it the most powerful mixing equipment by KitchenAid. The Pro 600 provides that extra muscle to knead bread dough and to handle other mixing tasks with ease.

Kitchen Lighting

How To Position Your Kitchen Lighting In The Best Possible Way

Proper lighting has a direct bearing on the functionality of your kitchen. With well-placed sources of illumination, you transform your kitchen into a place where you can work, eat with your family or perform any other activity with pleasure and in comfort. If there isn’t enough light in your kitchen (if, for example, you have only one central lighting fixture), the atmosphere will be cold and unpleasant. In addition, the kitchen loses part of its functionality and some work places, such as countertops, sink, range, kitchen island… may fall into shadow. You have to install extra local lighting to cover these places.

Kitchen Design

Free Kitchen Design Software – IKEA Kitchen Planner

IKEA Kitchen Planner

IKEA Kitchen Planner is free and easy to use kitchen design software to create 2D and 3D virtual models of your dream kitchen. The software has all the elements you need to fully equip your new kitchen. If you need a bid of an inspiration, you can also use the “ready-made” IKEA kitchens, which can be found on their website.

Kitchen Curtains

Kitchen Curtains – a Fast, Easy and Affordable Way to Renovate the Look of Your Kitchen

Curtains, even very ordinary ones, can greatly enhance the look of your kitchen. With kitchen curtains you control how much sunlight is allowed into this special room of your home. Good, natural lighting is a basic requirement for your normal work process in the kitchen.

Kitchen Sinks

How To Select The Best Kitchen Sink For Your Home

The selection of your kitchen sink will depend on…

  • the size of the cabinet underneath your sink.
  • the size of your countertop (whether it has backsplash or not).
  • the material of your countertop.
  • the way you will use your sink.
  • your preferences.
  • how much you can afford.
Trash Cans

How To Select Kitchen Trash Cans

Trash cans are among the items we most often use in our kitchens, so they must be strong, durable, easy to use and occupy a minimal amount of space.

Kitchen Rugs

How to Choose Kitchen Rugs

With kitchen rugs you can…

  • bring warmth, color and a cheerful mood to your kitchen.
  • hide old flaws, if you have any, on the kitchen flooring.
  • revivify the flooring, if you think it isn’t attractive enough.
  • keep the flooring in good condition, protecting it from damages and stains.
  • prevent, to some extent, dropped objects from breaking.
  • make your work in the kitchen more pleasant, feeling their warmth and softness under your feet…
Kitchen Flooring

How To Choose Your Kitchen Flooring

There are so many kinds of kitchen flooring that it may be quite difficult for you to choose one. Each of the possible flooring materials has advantages and disadvantages. The best way to choose your flooring is to answer the questions below.

Cutting Boards

Kitchen Cutting Boards Review | Wood & Plastic Cutting Board Ideas

It will help you to select your cutting boards if you can first prepare answers to questions such as these…

1. How much space do you have on the kitchen countertop?

If you want a large cutting board (for example, 19 to 13 inches (48 to 33 cm)), you must have a place to put it on the countertop. You may also wish to leave the board there after use. Do you have enough free space?

Knife Sharpeners

Knife Sharpeners Review | Sharpening Stones | Electric Knife Sharpeners

Different kitchen knife sharpeners are available. For example…

  • a sharpening steel.
  • a sharpening stone.
  • manual and electric sharpeners.
  • a sharpener attached to a can opener…
Kitchen Knives

Best Kitchen Knives Review

Kitchen knives come in all shapes and sizes, each with a different function. To work efficiently in your kitchen you must know which knife to use for what purpose. As a beginning, you need only get the first three knives listed below. As time goes on, and your needs grow and become more refined, you can add others to your collection.