Eastern Cutlery And Tableware Ideas For Your Kitchen

Eastern cutlery and tableware ideas for your kitchen

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If you are thinking of buying new cutlery, desist from the usual 14-piece stainless steel packs. They may look good but you have had similar sets since forever. Try something different this time round. Pick up a corner of the globe for inspiration. Don’t just stop at importing exotic cuisine into your home, try their tableware, too. If you can’t find that in your local stores, the Internet is your friend, especially eBay if you fancy older sets. They also make for great gifts. Here are some ideas from the East to spice up your kitchen. Continue reading “Eastern Cutlery And Tableware Ideas For Your Kitchen”

Kitchen Cutting Boards Review | Wood & Plastic Cutting Board Ideas

Carving board with grooves

It will help you to select your cutting boards if you can first prepare answers to questions such as these…

1. How much space do you have on the kitchen countertop?

If you want a large cutting board (for example, 19 to 13 inches (48 to 33 cm)), you must have a place to put it on the countertop. You may also wish to leave the board there after use. Do you have enough free space? Continue reading “Kitchen Cutting Boards Review | Wood & Plastic Cutting Board Ideas”