Functional And Affordable Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Natural lighting in kitchen

Do you ever wonder why hotels and fine dining restaurants seem more extravagant, soothing, and more comfortable than a fast-food joint? Well, apart from the food and the way furniture are set up, the big difference can be attributed to lighting elements. Try coming to a restaurant hours before opening; with all the white lights on, and you will be surprised to see that it is probably not as special and as swanky-looking as you may have thought. Continue reading “Functional And Affordable Kitchen Lighting Ideas”

Lighting Your Kitchen For Safety And Beauty

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The kitchen is a place where everyone wants to be. It’s where families gather and friends cook together. It’s the room with more memories than any other. It’s where your grandmother taught you how to make her baklava. It’s the room your dad was painting the day you broke up with your first love and he comforted you with your favorite snack. Kitchens should be a safe place for you and your family, but they should also remain beautiful. Continue reading “Lighting Your Kitchen For Safety And Beauty”

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Kitchen island lighting idea - three pendant light fixtures over the island

A kitchen island is one of the most useful devices for the kitchen. A multi-purpose thing which will not only look good but also be of immense use. It basically provides you with the right mix of storage space inside the kitchen as well as gives you enough place to work. Lack of enough work space in the kitchen is often a problem faced by many people. So, if you have been smart enough to invest in a kitchen island, your kitchen now would not just be a place for cooking but could also be used for serving food for informal occasions. Continue reading “Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas”

How To Position Your Kitchen Lighting In The Best Possible Way

Lamps positioned under the upper cabinets

Proper lighting has a direct bearing on the functionality of your kitchen. With well-placed sources of illumination, you transform your kitchen into a place where you can work, eat with your family or perform any other activity with pleasure and in comfort. If there isn’t enough light in your kitchen (if, for example, you have only one central lighting fixture), the atmosphere will be cold and unpleasant. In addition, the kitchen loses part of its functionality and some work places, such as countertops, sink, range, kitchen island… may fall into shadow. You have to install extra local lighting to cover these places. Continue reading “How To Position Your Kitchen Lighting In The Best Possible Way”