Choosing The Best Flooring For Your Kitchen-Exploring 5 Trending Options

As one of the most trafficked rooms in the home, kitchens simply need to feature resilient flooring that can life up to the family’s lifestyle. Let’s explore five of the top options for kitchen flooring and some of their pros and cons.

Terrazzo Flooring | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

Terrazzo flooring is beautiful, very strong and easily resists damage. It resists fire and nearly always is non-slip. Terrazzo floor is also easy to maintain and is a great choice for a kitchen where wear and tear is common.

Porcelain Flooring | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

Porcelain flooring can be lovely in many rooms, but it is in the kitchen that it is really put to the test. Its density keeps liquid on the surface so it won’t stain, and it resists scratches. Porcelain floor is cost-effective, easy to clean and it’s hygienic.

Travertine Flooring | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

Travertine flooring is very tough, and can last for generations even under rugged and moist conditions such as those in kitchens. Travertine floor comes in various earthy colors and can give your kitchen a classy look. It is nature’s work of art, and will add value to your home.

Granite Flooring | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

If you are looking for natural stone flooring that is harder and more durable than marble, granite flooring is the one to go in for. Granite floor is easy to maintain and best suited for areas such as kitchens, where there is high action and humidity.

Marble Flooring | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

Marble flooring brings to your kitchen a beautiful and luxurious feel. Marble is one of the most aesthetically appealing natural stones available for flooring. Marble floor is also known for its extreme durability, and can serve you for a lifetime.

Slate Flooring | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

Slate flooring is very tough and long lasting, and is well suited for daily kitchen activities. It does not absorb liquids and does not get stained easily. Slate floor is preferred over other stones as it is slip resistant and ideal for wet kitchen areas.

Ceramic Flooring | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

Ceramic flooring is becoming the popular choice among homeowners today. Although it is cheap, ceramic tile flooring gives an upscale look, and is easy to maintain. Ceramic floor tiles are strong, durable and can withstand very high temperatures.

Plank Flooring | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

Plank flooring is traditional flooring that is made from wooden planks which are about 3″ or wider. Due to the width of the planks, the natural color and pattern of the wood are well highlighted. Plank floors look and feel strong without compromising on aesthetics.

Parquet Flooring | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

Parquet flooring is a type of flooring where small wooden pieces are arranged to uniformly form geometric patterns across the entire floor base. Besides its aesthetics, parquet floor is tough, resistant to moisture and easy to maintain, making it ideal for kitchens.

Consider Brazilian Walnut Flooring for Your Kitchen

Brazilian walnut flooring adds style and sophistication to your home. Due to its exceptional hardness and durability, Brazilian walnut floor is ideal for kitchens, where there is moist and rugged usage. It is insect, mold, rot and fire resistant.

Choose Santos Mahogany Flooring for Your Kitchen

Santos mahogany flooring has a beautiful reddish brown color and looks very appealing to the eye. Due to its hardness Santos mahogany floor is resistant to scratching, denting, rotting, insects and fungi. It is therefore a great option for kitchen flooring.

Teak Flooring | Pricing | Buying Tips | Installing | Maintaining

Teak flooring is strong, sturdy and beautiful, and therefore it is an ideal choice for kitchen flooring. Due to its aesthetic appeal and durability, teak floor not only gives your home an elegant look, it also lasts longer and gives you value for money.

Maple Flooring – Just Right for Your Kitchen Flooring

If you have been looking for an affordable, easy way to update your kitchen and make it look elegant and stylish, maple flooring can give you that option. Maple floors are durable and also provide natural beauty, warmth and an easy feeling on the feet.

Choose Brazilian Cherry Flooring for Your Kitchen

Brazilian cherry flooring is a smart choice for high-traffic areas such as kitchens. Kitchens especially benefit from the hardness of a Brazilian cherry floor, because it also repels moisture. Highly resistant to scratches, termites and fungi, this floor is great if you have pets.

Try Hickory Flooring for Your Kitchen

Hickory flooring adds heaps of style and beauty to any kitchen, and it can raise the value of a home as it is a natural wood. Hickory is an extremely hard and strong wood. If you take proper care of your hickory floor it will last you a lifetime.

Consider Oak Flooring for Your Kitchen

Oak flooring is durable and looks great with any kitchen decor. The quality of oak floors is very hard to miss, and because wood flooring in general has such superior quality to laminate or carpet, upgrading to an oak floor can add value to your home as well.

Wood Flooring | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

Wood flooring will add class and value to your home. Hardwood floors are highly sought-after by homeowners and prospective home buyers; therefore, wood flooring is an investment. Wood floor is a great option and if taken care of, will last the entire life of your home.

Concrete Flooring | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

Concrete flooring is one of the more popular options these days for kitchen flooring. Whatever the look of your kitchen, decorative concrete floor would enhance the appeal. In addition, the return on investment of this floor is high.

Linoleum Flooring | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

If you want flooring that’s warm and easy to walk on, then you must consider linoleum flooring. The wide array of colors and designs and the fact that it’s natural make linoleum floor very popular. The floor is also highly durable and cost effective.

Rubber Flooring | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

Rubber flooring is durable flooring. It is ideal for high traffic areas like kitchens as it is strong and withstands much wear and tear. And if you are eco-conscious and are looking for flooring that’s green, then recycled rubber flooring is a good option for you.

Bamboo Flooring | Pricing | Buying Tips | Installing | Maintaining

Bamboo flooring is a great alternative to hardwood flooring. Bamboo grows faster than the other trees used for wooden flooring and it is also renewable. Thus, with bamboo floor, you are not only getting value for money but also a very functional and yet exotic kitchen floor.

Cork Flooring | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

Cork flooring is one of the most beautiful and comfortable floor options available. Cork floor is a good choice for the busy homeowner because of its low maintenance requirements. It is also one of the only truly sustainable, renewable flooring choices on the market today.

Vinyl Flooring | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

Vinyl flooring offers numerous advantages over traditional choices. Vinyl floor is highly functional and looks as good as that of wood, ceramic, or stone. Not only is it less expensive but the comfort factor is also high. Vinyl flooring cost, installation and maintenance.

Tile Flooring | Cost | Buying Tips | Installation | Maintenance

Tile flooring is made from a wide range of materials including travertine, granite, marble, soapstone, slate, ceramic and porcelain. All these materials offer the ability to stand up to heavy use and moisture and are ideal for heavy traffic areas like kitchens.