Kitchen Cabinets

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

So you have decided that your kitchen needs sprucing up. Painting your kitchen cabinets is often the best place to start. The build up of grease, soot, and food particles is a gradual process and you may not realize how much they need cleaning until you give them a long hard look. So let’s look at how you go about it.

Kitchen Islands

Custom Kitchen Islands – A Wonderful Solution To Many Kitchen Problems

With kitchen islands you can create…

  • an extra storage area in your kitchen.
  • a place for work, where you can prepare your favorite food.
  • a place where you can clean your dishes and utensils.
  • a place where you can eat with your family.
Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

The kitchen backsplash is placed on the kitchen wall between the countertops and the wall cabinets. It protects the walls and especially the zones behind the range, the sink, and the places where you prepare the food, from staining. Your backsplash will stain, but the materials appropriate for it are usually easy to clean and maintain and are a far better option than just a bare painted wall or wallpaper.

Kitchen Countertops

How to Choose Kitchen Countertops

When choosing kitchen countertops, consider carefully what you need and what you can afford. It’s a good idea to choose the most functional material possible for your countertop.

Kitchen Design

Free Kitchen Design Software – IKEA Kitchen Planner

IKEA Kitchen Planner

IKEA Kitchen Planner is free and easy to use kitchen design software to create 2D and 3D virtual models of your dream kitchen. The software has all the elements you need to fully equip your new kitchen. If you need a bid of an inspiration, you can also use the “ready-made” IKEA kitchens, which can be found on their website.

Kitchen Flooring

How To Choose Your Kitchen Flooring

There are so many kinds of kitchen flooring that it may be quite difficult for you to choose one. Each of the possible flooring materials has advantages and disadvantages. The best way to choose your flooring is to answer the questions below.