10 Essential Kitchen Utensils For Vegans

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Are you a vegan who loves to cook? Do you consider your kitchen your own personal sanctuary? Is the kitchen your house’s hot spot, the place where everybody comes together? If so, you’re lucky! But if this is the case, you also need a well-equipped kitchen that can handle whatever’s coming your way, food-wise! There’s so much harmony in having everything you need for your next delicious meal at an arm’s length; in knowing that you’ve got all it there, ready to come together and create delicious dishes that you and your loved ones will enjoy. So, here are 10 essential kitchen utensils that every vegan needs to have in their kitchen! Continue reading “10 Essential Kitchen Utensils For Vegans”

How To Get (And Keep) Your Kitchen Organized

Having a well-organized kitchen is every homeowner’s dream. After all, you can get a lot more cooking done a lot more quickly if your kitchen starts out clean and if all your cooking tools are easily accessible. It’s one thing to organize your kitchen and get it looking nice for a short while. It’s another thing entirely to keep your kitchen organized for the long haul. Continue reading “How To Get (And Keep) Your Kitchen Organized”

Tech You Need In Your Kitchen Today

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Smart technology seems to have permeated every market imaginable, and the kitchen is no exception. Smart devices now litter the modern home. But just when you think you’ve seen every gadget possible, something new and exciting springs up. While these gems are getting harder to find in the sea of smart devices that are flooding the market, they do exist. Here’s some kitchen tech that we desperately want to get our hands on. Continue reading “Tech You Need In Your Kitchen Today”

Kitchen Hacks: 5 Ways To Minimize Dirt

I got the call today that I’m quite use to. My husband is in the military and it’s time to move…again. We’ve moved about 5 times in the last 18 years so it was no surprise. Having moved so many times, you get use to the drill: clean house, list house on the market, hope it sells fast. One thing I have learned over the years with selling and buying houses is that clean kitchens really help sell a house. Continue reading “Kitchen Hacks: 5 Ways To Minimize Dirt”

Tips On Keeping Your Kitchen Tablecloths In Perfect Condition

One of the most difficult jobs a housewife (or househusband) has is in keeping the home clean and tidy, and this includes things like bed linen, towels and tablecloths. Tablecloths get a hammering from all sorts of messy substances, including Jams, ink, vinegar, wine, food colorings and more so it takes some very special treatment in order to keep your tablecloths looking like new. Here I have listed some tips that should help you keep yours in spick and span condition. Continue reading “Tips On Keeping Your Kitchen Tablecloths In Perfect Condition”

Setting And Maintaining Safety Standards In A Commercial Kitchen

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If you are in charge of a busy commercial kitchen then you will know the importance of food safety and hygiene standards. Not only do you have a moral obligation to keep your customers healthy, you also have a legal obligation to make sure that safety standards are kept as high as they should be. No restaurant or catering outlet wants to get a reputation for poor safety and cleanliness standards, so it’s important that you go all out to make sure that your working environment is as clean and as safe as possible. Below are our top tips for ensuring you and your staff members create and maintain a safe kitchen in your premises. Continue reading “Setting And Maintaining Safety Standards In A Commercial Kitchen”

Essential Kitchenware You Shouldn’t Be Without

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If you enjoy spending time in the kitchen then you will appreciate how difficult and indeed frustrating it can be to cook when you do not have the correct equipment to hand. Below is a list of some of the most important items that your kitchen simply can’t function properly without – don’t have them already? Well get yourself to the shops! Continue reading “Essential Kitchenware You Shouldn’t Be Without”

Eco-friendly Strategies For A Greener Kitchen

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I’m often struck by how easy it was for me to change some things in my kitchen to reflect a greener lifestyle. Believe it or not, there are ways to make your kitchen more eco-friendly beyond installing a set of solar panels on your roof (though that would totally qualify). A few minor adjustments in your kitchen could have a huge impact on the overall energy usage of your household, so it’s a task well worth your time. Allow me to share with you some of the things I did to transform my kitchen. Continue reading “Eco-friendly Strategies For A Greener Kitchen”

How To Properly Store Food In Your Freezer And Pantry

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Sometimes it’s a long path to realizing how much money we waste on food when we keep our freezers and pantries messy. A messy kitchen hides food items that we don’t even know we have, and by the time we find them, the expiration date has already passed. And we paid money for all that food… We keep buying things, stacking them away in some dark, unexplored freezer or pantry depths, and we find them when it’s too late. Continue reading “How To Properly Store Food In Your Freezer And Pantry”

The Benefits Of Kitchen Ceiling Pot Racks For The Home

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When designing, redesigning or simply upgrading a kitchen, ceiling pot racks can be a great way to save space on counters and in cupboards. They also relieve stress from trying to find what you need when cooking since pots and pans would be hanging, literally, at your fingertips. Continue reading “The Benefits Of Kitchen Ceiling Pot Racks For The Home”